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Cooling elements for transport

Cooling elements are used to take different products fresh from A to B. There are various different types of cooling elements for a wide variety of different purposes. You will receive more detailed information regarding this in this article. The following points will be discussed in this article:

Chilled transport

It’s important for the right cooling elements to be able to transport goods in a chilled condition. Various requirements have been put in place in relation to which products can be transported under which conditions and temperatures. A variety of different cooling elements are available, as these requirements and wishes can naturally differ.

We recommend using the following products for products above freezing up to 8 degrees: gel packs, segmented gel packs, flex-ice gel packs, shape-retaining gel packs and cooling blocks. We recommend super gel packs if the products need to be transported around the freezing point.

Are you unsure which cooling elements would be most suitable for your shipment? Then do get in touch with our experts. Our experts have gained many years of experience and can provide you with optimal advice for your purchase.

Types of cooling elements

There are various different types of cooling elements, each with their own unique functions. A summary of these now follows, including an explanation of their properties.

  • Phase Change Material (PCM) Cooling Elements
    PCM is a material whereby the phase changes are used to protect the products’ temperature. The material absorbs energy which can be used at a later stage. De Ridder Packaging produces various different cooling elements made from this material. The material works from temperatures of -21ºC to +21ºC. PCM’s properties can be adjusted in line with personal requirements. The material can, for example, be supplied frozen, chilled or at room temperature.
  • Shape-retaining cooling elements
    We can also supply shape-retaining cooling elements. Some cooling elements (like a gel pack) can take on a different and unwanted shape when frozen. A shape-retaining cooling element offers the perfect solution in such cases. A shape-retaining cooling element can be a foam brick, sponge brick or hard cooling elements which can achieve the required shape. These cooling elements are often opted for when space is limited in the transport.
  • Gel packs
    Purchasing the right quality gel packs is of the utmost importance in order to transport the goods in a safe and chilled manner. Gel packs are the most common type and the most ideal cooling element. This is because gel packs chill goods between 0 and 8 degrees. PCM can be opted for if temperatures below 0 degrees are needed. Gel packs are available in various different types and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your transport. De Ridder Packaging can offer the following gel packs:

    • Original gel packs; The original gel packs are strong, have a long cooling time and can be printed.
    • No Sweat gel packs; No Sweat gel packs have been designed with a multi-layered non-woven exterior, which minimises surface condensation.
    • Kraft gel packs;Kraft paper is strong and durable, the long paper fibres are very tightly pressed together, creating a high density.


There are many different markets which transport products whereby its essential for the products to be transported chilled.

  1. Webshops
    Webshops can very easily be used and it’s a means by which many entrepreneurs can buy all kinds of products. Including, for example, fresh products like fish, meat, fresh meals and fruit. Keeping the products fresh through cooling is therefore certainly recommended, making sure a high quality level can be retained. This can be realised with the help of gel packs, PCM and shape-retaining cooling elements.
    The most commonly used cooling elements are the 200, 340, 400, 500 and 907 gram gel packs.
  2. Flowers
    You want to be able to keep flowers beautiful and fresh for as long as possible. It’s therefore important for the flowers to be correctly transported. This is done by transporting them with sufficient cooling. The transport process should therefore contribute to a longer rather than shorter freshness of the flowers. Of course we all want our flowers to look beautifully colourful for as long as possible.
    The most commonly used cooling element is the 200 gram gel pack.
  3. Pharmaceutical/medical
    Pharmaceutical and medical products must be transported using a specialised and conditioned method. Maintaining the right temperature and preventing the release of liquids are the biggest challenges when transporting medical products. De Ridder Packaging can provide various different solutions here.
    The most commonly used cooling element is the 680 gram gel pack.
  4. Fish
    Fish is one of the most important fresh products to be transported chilled. This is because fish can quickly spoil if it isn’t correctly transported. Consumers want fresh fish; the correct method of cooling is therefore crucial in order to realise this. Gel packs are ideal for transporting fish by air, as the use of ice is prohibited in aircraft. This therefore allows for fish to be transported fresh anywhere in the world! Gel packs are also ideal for transporting crustaceans, as the cooling puts the crustaceans in a kind of state of shock, resulting in them lying motionless the entire journey.
    The most commonly used cooling elements are the 300 and 400 gram gel packs


De Ridder Packaging supplies various different cooling elements. Cooling blocks are cooling elements which can be reused. Naturally depending on what the cooling element in question is going to be used for, each cooling element will need to be thoroughly cleaned before being reused. Cooling blocks have been specifically developed for reuse. They consist of hard plastic and are very resilient. Gel packs are more often used as disposables. These cooling elements are therefore cheaper than cooling blocks, which are often used for many different transport runs.


We can also supply absorption mats, in addition to our chilled solutions. Our absorption mats help with safely transporting the shipments. Absorption is commonly used when transporting hazardous liquids, medication and blood. But the absorbing solutions can also be used to absorb condensation. Are you looking for absorbing solutions? Then take a look at the various different possibilities on offer in our ‘absorption’ range, or contact one of our experts.


You don’t just need chilled and absorbing solutions to safely transport your goods. Packing the goods is the first step! De Ridder Packaging provides various different ways of transporting your goods. We don’t just offer packaging for chilled material, like our EPS boxes, but also a standard package of non-insulating packaging. Are you looking for a cardboard box and tape to seal it? Then take a look at the possibilities in our ‘packing’ range, or get in touch with one of our experts.


De Ridder Packaging can offer every customer a customised solution. For example, are you interested in packaging printed with a logo, warning or instructions? This all forms part of the possibilities at De Ridder Packaging! You can already have your packaging printed in one colour from just a single box. It’s even possible to print in full colour with larger quantities. The knowledge we have acquired means we are fully aware of all the possibilities and no request is impossible! You want it, we’ll take care of it! Have you come across a real challenge? Then allow our experts to provide you with advice.

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Are you unsure which chilled solution is most suitable for your personal situation? Then do get in touch with one of our experts. De Ridder Packaging has been a leading cooling element specialist for more than 25 years. This allows us to provide you with optimal advice and means we’ll be able to find the perfect solution together. We supply chilled solutions for all challenges!

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