The waterpack: the environmentally conscious water-based refrigerant

The waterpack: the environmentally conscious water-based refrigerant

Koelmiddel waterpack

The changing market demand for more environmentally friendly refrigerants keeps us busy every day. Our goal is clear: to have an environmentally friendly alternative available for all our products where it is possible, by 2023. We work hard every day to make this happen.

Recently, we announced that we will offer environmentally conscious alternatives for gel packs. To give you the opportunity to use environmentally conscious refrigerants in your transport, you can now choose an environmentally conscious filling and foil that is suitable for your application. One of these environmentally conscious alternatives is a water-based refrigerant filling, also known as a water pack. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this water-filled refrigerant.

The water pack as an environmentally conscious alternative

Our Original Gel packs are made of leak-proof polythylene bags filled with a polymer-based cooling gel. This ensures that the refrigerant filling of the Original Gel packs is not biodegradable. One of the environmentally conscious alternatives that we have explored and developed in recent years was a water-filled alternative to the gel pack. As a result, from now on you also have the opportunity to organise customised water packs with us. The content of this refrigerant is, as the name suggests, water. This ensures that water packs are less damaging to the environment than gel packs.

Refrigerant filled with UV-treated water

The water used for the water packs comes from Dutch tap water. In order to ensure that any micro-organisms that may be present will not end up in the water packs, the water at De Ridder Packaging is treated first. The water undergoes a UV treatment, as a result of which the waterpack is filled with “clean” water.

Simply flush the contents down the drain

Because water packs are filled with water, the liquid can be easily flushed away through the sink. This ensures that less waste remains, namely only the foil of the water pack. This is a great advantage when you deliver to the end consumer. They can simply flush the liquid down the drain after receiving your product.

A widely applicable refrigerant

Water packs retain the foodsafe certificate. This makes these refrigerants suitable for use in the food industry. As a result, the water packs can be used anywhere where the gel pack can also be used. Think of the transport of fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, medical products and e-commerce. This makes it an excellent, environmentally conscious, alternative.

Create your own environmentally friendly refrigerant

You can also choose to not only choose a more environmentally conscious content for your refrigerants, but to combine it with an environmentally conscious foil. This offers the possibility to compose your own environmentally-conscious gel pack. In addition to our regular foil, you also have the choice of a foil based on sugarcane and a foil based on 35-40% recycled material. If you are in the food industry, the 35-40% recycled foil is not suitable for your application. This foil causes the water pack to lose its foodsafe certificate. A waterpack with a foil based on sugarcane, for instance, is a suitable alternative.

Any questions?

Are you curious about the possibilities for environmentally friendly alternatives for your transport? Then contact one of our experts. They will be happy to give you personal advice.

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