Shape-retaining cooling elements | De Ridder Packaging

Cooling blocks and plates

Cooling blocks or hard cooling elements are traditional cooling elements which are often used for the transport of, for example, pharmaceutical and fresh products. Cooling blocks are ideal if there is a return flow of goods. This is because the cooling blocks are very suitable for reuse.

Cooling plates are used in combination with EPP and EPS solutions. The plates with handle can be secured at the sides of the boxes. Flat cooling elements are standard available in 800 gram.

Would you like to use cooling blocks for your transport? We would gladly discuss the possibilities with you. Feel free to contact us or leave your details here.

Foam bricks

The shape of the cooling element is important when there is limited space in the shipping package. In these situations you could opt for our foam bricks, which are shape-retaining.

The foam brick is mainly used in the medical sector: this segment often demands a compact filling of the package. In addition to being shape-retaining, the foam bricks have been developed with a constant weight, with the aim of being able to provide constant cooling, just like the gel packs. De Ridder Packaging supplies these cooling elements in all manner of different sizes. It’s important for you to choose the right size, as they are produced dimensionally stable.


Spongepacks are an alternative to the hard cooling elements in the EPP boxes. A spongepack is, just like a foam brick, very suitable when, for example, the space of the shipping pack is limited. Where a foam brick is very dimensionally stable, a sponge pack is more flexible outside freezing. Would you like more information or custom advice? Feel free to contact us or leave your details here.