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When it comes to transporting fish, it is important to use the right transportation products to keep the fish fresh. Here’s where EPS boxes and cooling elements would be very useful, as they allow you to transport fish in a well-controlled, chilled manner. During the shipment of fish the temperature and moisture levels are the largest focal points for determining its quality. If there is too much slush during transportation or the temperature is too high, it may lead to accelerated product decay. In order to help prevent situations like this, De Ridder Packaging offers a variety of products for chilled or refrigerated fish transport. Thanks to our cooperation with fish exporters within and outside the Netherlands, we can now supply the right packaging solutions on an international scale.

  • Fish remains cooled, dry and fresh
  • Slush and water gets absorbed quickly
  • Custom solutions for chilled fish transport
  • Long-distance temperature and moisture control
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Product advice

De Ridder Packaging supplies the following solutions for chilled transportation of fish:

  • Cooling gel packs; using gel packs over ice flakes has several advantages:
    • Products remain separated from slush;
    • Gel packs are flexible, allowing for high-density chilling all around your products;
    • Gel packs are reusable and can be adjusted to the size of your package, allowing more packaging options for your shipment.
  • Absorption mats for quickly absorbing slush and water
  • Isolating EPS boxes in varying sizes and shapes
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