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About gel packs

Our customers throughout Europe use our gel packs for, for example, the chilled transport of food, medication, fish and flowers. You can find our standard package of gel packs in the webshop. It goes without saying we, as the manufacturer, are also flexible where the dimensions and/or weight are concerned.

These days marketing is indispensable: you’ll come across brands and ideas for increasing brand awareness everywhere you go. But they can also be warning texts, or instructions for the correct use. This is why De Ridder Packaging, in addition to the standard gel pack with blank foil, also offers the following variations:

  • Gel packs with printed foil (up to 8 colours);
  • Gel packs equipped with a moisture absorbing “no sweat” top layer;
  • A sustainable gel pack with a kraft look;
  • Gel packs with extra pressure-resistant triplex foil.

Various sizes, weights and types of gel packs

Our gel packs are manufactured in-house by De Ridder Packaging in various different sizes and weights. Please refer to the following overview for the most commonly used sizes. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements and wishes. Please let us know what you would like to transport and what you need from the gel packs, after which we would gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

Segmented Gel Pack

Segmented gel packs are gel packs which consist of two or three different compartments. In addition to the properties of regular gel packs, the segmented gel packs also have the advantage of being more flexible. Segmented gel packs are also very practical to use. The gel packs are frozen upon receipt and can subsequently be used straight away. We will come up with the right solution for you, depending on your requirements and wishes for the gel packs. We would gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

What can you expect from our gel packs?

Our gel packs are leakproof polyethylene bags, filled with a polymer-based gel. The foil and gel we use for the gel packs satisfy the strictest requirements and wishes for packaging in the food industry. This means the gel packs can come into contact with food without this resulting in any negative consequences. The gel packs are strong and durable, making sure you can use them several times. However, it’s important to keep the gel packs thoroughly clean and to check for any damage. Have the gel packs suffered any damage? Then don’t use these anymore! You can dispose of gel packs you are no longer going to be using with your normal waste.

Gel pack applications

De Ridder Packaging’s gel packs are particularly suitable for transport by plane. Unlike flake ice, gel packs don’t leave any melt water behind. Transport with gel packs is often the best solution, as melt water isn’t permitted in aircraft, as this can lead to dangerous situations. Gel packs can also offer advantages when compared to solutions like dry ice: there is no limit where the number of the gel packs permitted on board aircraft is concerned, whereas the amount of dry ice per flight has to remain within a certain maximum, in accordance with regulations.

Our gel packs can be used several times. However, gel packs are generally still just used for one-way transport. This is in contrast to, for example, cooling blocks, which are often also used for the return transport. The reason why gel packs are preferred is that the costs are often lower for gel packs when compared to cooling blocks.

Loose gel packs or a customised solution?

Our gel packs are often offered as part of a customised solution. They are, for example, used in combination with an EPS box and absorption mat. Please refer to our customised solutions for more information. De Ridder Packaging also supplies special super gel packs. These are ultimately suitable for transport at a temperature of around or below freezing point.