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Frequently asked questions

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About De Ridder Packaging

Why opt for De Ridder Packaging?

De Ridder Packaging forms part of the international Bunzl plc group. Bunzl is a market leader in the distribution of non-food items and packaging materials. De Ridder Packaging has been a leading supplier of products intended for use in the detainee and gel packaging market for more than 25 years.

What’s our mission?

  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations;
  • Incredibly dedicated and motivated personnel;
  • Innovative in products, concepts and outsourcing;
  • Strategic collaborations with suppliers and buyers;
  • Socially responsible contribution to society (CSR).

What does De Ridder Packaging do with non-food products for the detention environment?

De Ridder Packaging is the one-stop-shop for all your non-food products for use in detention environments. We are continuously working on innovating our products, making sure detention stays are as safe as possible for both detainees and their supervisors. Our products satisfy the highest standards for fire safety, preventing suicide and non-harassment. De Ridder Packaging has set high demands where the quality of its products and the efficiency of its processes are concerned. This is why De Ridder Packaging has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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Become a De Ridder Packaging customer

I want to become a De Ridder customer. What do I need to do?

You can register as a De Ridder customer if you are registered as a company with the Chamber of Commerce. Go to Registration and you can easily and quickly register online. 

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Order from De Ridder Packaging

Why order from De Ridder’s webshop?

There are various advantages linked to ordering via the webshop. For example, you won’t be dependent on our opening times and you can therefore place orders whenever is most convenient to you. In addition, placing orders online is a very quick process: you can look at the range of products available and your order is placed in a matter of seconds. You can look back on all your past orders in the order history and your recently ordered items will appear on a standard favourites list. You can also very easily select the desired address you are ordering for. All associated budgets and cost centres can also be managed for this address.

Advantages of ordering via the webshop

  • A user-friendly webshop with a clear layout of the assortment;
  • Simple searching and filtering in order to find the right items with matching suggestions;
  • Extensive overview of all online orders;
  • Detailed address book with associated cost centres and budgets;
  • Possibility of setting up roles and rights with associated functionalities (approve and monitor budgets);
  • Fast and simple order placement, based on (stored) favourites lists, or with the use of quick orders (manual entering or by using a CSV file).

How do I place an order in the webshop?

Are you already a De Ridder customer and you’d like to place an order? Follow the link: Order procedure. This will provide you with information regarding the steps you need to take to place an order with De Ridder Packaging. Are you not a De Ridder Packaging customer yet? Then register first via: Registration. You will receive a confirmation once you have filled in all the required fields and we will process your application.

How do I request a quotation?

We’ll explain exactly how you can request a quotation in the Webshop Functions chapter.

How can I follow the status of my order?

Go to My Account -> My Orders and click on the order in question.

Can I use a favourites list for my order?

Absolutely! These can be found under My Account -> My Favourites Lists. For every item you’ll be able to indicate whether or not you want to save it in your favourites list. We also automatically maintain favourites list for any items ordered within the past 90 days. You can find a more detailed explanation in Customer Service -> Simple order placement: Favourites list.

Can I place order by telephone?

Of course! Our employees will gladly assist you with your order. You can find the contact details for our sites under Contact.

Why can’t I find an item?

This can be for a number of different reasons. The item may no longer be in stock, you may have entered an incorrect item name, or an incorrect item number may have been used. Agreements entered into between you or your manager and us may result in you no longer being able to place orders for certain items.

My order hasn’t been approved, what now?

Please contact your assigned budget holder.

I want to add or remove a cc email address for my order confirmation, how do I do that?

Please contact De Ridder Packaging if you would like to remove or change the cc email address with the confirmation of your order. One of our employees would gladly be of assistance!

I have lost my login details for the webshop. Where can I request these?

You can request a new password with your email address (login name). Go to Forgot Password and follow the instructions.

I can’t seem to login, what now?

There may be several possible reasons why you currently can’t log in. Start with checking whether you have entered the correct email address. You can request a new password if you have forgotten this. Please contact your system manager in case of other error messages. These could indicate an internet or network connection fault.

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Costs and payment methods

How do I pay for my order?

You will be sent an invoice of your order. See Customer Service: Costs and payment method.

When will I see the total amount of my order?

The provisional costs are shown in step 4 of the order placement process. The total amount will be included in the definitive order confirmation and on your invoice.

How are the costs of my order made up?

The costs of your order consist of, for example, delivery and/or administration costs. For more information, please refer to Customer Service: Costs and payment method.

I have a question about an invoice. Who can I ask?

Please contact our Customer Service department. We would gladly help with answering any questions about your invoice. Please call our Uitgeest site: +31 (0)251 – 36 29 60, send an email to, or contact us via the contact form.

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Delivery and returns

When can I expect my delivery?

De Ridder Packaging works with fixed route days based on postcode areas. Your definitive order confirmation will include information of your delivery date. Please refer to Customer Service: Delivery Days and Route Days and delivery times.

What can I do if my delivery is incorrect?

In such cases, start off with looking at the packing note with your order details. For more information, please refer to Customer Service: Delivery error.

Can I return my order?

It is possible to return your order under certain conditions. You can read more about this under Customer Service: Returns.

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Our experts

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