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These insulating boxes are made of EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene). This sturdy material can take a beating, but is at the same time lightweight. The EPP box has a high insulation value because of the compressed material. This makes the box very suitable for conditioned transport.

The box has practical handles and is easy to stack. The specially machined interior enhances hygiene and ensures easy cleaning. Moreover, the EPP box can be used several times and is 100% recyclable. This makes it a sustainable choice!

Applications EPP boxes

EPP boxes are extremely suitable for use in the hospitality industry and food logistics. The dimensions are tailored to this: a pack of milk or a bottle of orange juice can be transported upright. Supermarkets, for example, use EPP boxes a lot for shipping food. EPP boxes are therefore user-friendly and have a long lifespan.

An EPP box is excellent to use in combination with dry ice, gel packs and other cooling elements. The high insulation value of the box guarantees that your product remains frozen or chilled. For optimal cooling you can extend the EPP box with a cooling design. A cooling plate is then added to the lid.

Conditioned transport with De Ridder Packaging

De Ridder Packaging offers EPP boxes in various sizes and weights. You can find these in our overview. Do you have questions about the transport of your product? Or are you facing a conditioned challenge? Let us know! Our experts will be happy to think along with you. Together we will always find a solution!