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An increasing number of webshops are now sending fresh goods like fish, meat, fresh meals and fruit. It’s important to the consumer that the ordered goods are received in a good condition. De Ridder Packaging helps various types of webshops with our gel packs, EPS boxes and absorption mats. This ensures many different products can effortlessly be sent to the consumer. Would you like to find out more about these products and our customised solutions for your transport? We would gladly enter into discussions with you to find the right solution!

  • Quality is guaranteed
  • Moisture damaged fruit is collected
  • Protection against condensation
  • Fast delivery
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We recommend the 200 – 340 – 400 – 500 and 907 gram gel packs with blank foil, in order to ensure your products can be sent to the consumer without any problems. These can also be printed with your own logo! In addition, thick-walled EPOS (tempex) boxes are often ordered to keep the products cool for longer. The thick-walled EPS boxes, combined with the 340 or 907 gram gel packs, will ensure your products can remain below 5 degrees for more than 24 hours! For example, for fruit we would recommend using the 1500 gram gel pack in 6 segments for extra cooling capacity (this gel pack has been designed to cover the entire top of a fruit pallet).

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With more than 15 years of knowledge our experts are at your service to find a suitable solution for every transport problem! We keep a cool head and offer customer-oriented solutions!

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