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This enables the EcoCoolBox to provide highly effective protection for products that are sensitive to temperature influences. In addition, the cardboard fibres have excellent moisture-regulating properties which limit the influence of the moisture content in the environment of the packaging. The performance of the EcoCoolBox can be derived from the high insulation value of the cardboard fibres and the wall thickness of the packaging.

A European patent has been obtained for the application of the cardboard fibres as insulation material.

The following properties apply to the packaging:

  • Moisture regulation of at least 8.8%
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: λ = 0.036 W/(m.k)
  • Specific heat: 2020 J/kg

Durable shipping

The EcoCoolBox consists mainly of cardboard. This is a naturally biodegradable material and prevents harmful litter. In addition, we only use recycled, clean cardboard fibres that are free of mineral oils. This further enhances the durability of the product. These fibres are then packed in a flexible and air-permeable paper packaging. The use of cardboard fibres as insulation material is unique. A European patent has even been obtained for this. Cardboard fibres are very suitable as insulation material due to their high insulating and moisture-regulating properties. This keeps the product cool and limits the influence of moisture in the immediate environment.

Applications EcoCoolBox

The EcoCoolBox is extremely suitable for the refrigerated shipping of all kinds of products, from medicines to flowers. This is due to the high natural insulation value of the cardboard fibres and the wall thickness of the EcoCoolBox. In addition, the cardboard fibres comply with the European directives for contact with foodstuffs. This makes the EcoCoolBox very suitable for refrigerated shipping of AGF, fish and complete meal packages. Finally, shipping frozen products is also perfectly possible in combination with dry ice. In this way a transport time of 24 hours can be bridged.

Different sizes of the EcoCoolBox

At De Ridder Packaging, the EcoCoolBox is available in two different sizes. The price of the EcoCoolBox is on request.

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