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About absorption mats

Our solutions are currently being used for various different applications, namely:

  • Pharmaceutical: when sending pharmaceutical products, it’s important for the goods to arrive at the location in a perfect condition. Any condensation released during transport must therefore be instantly absorbed, making sure it doesn’t negatively affect the goods. Some pharmaceutical products are qualified as dangerous substances and can’t be taken out of the packaging under any circumstances in case of an emergency. De Ridder Packaging can supply proven absorption solutions for these challenges.
  • Fish sector:a frequently used transport solution is the fish mat, which ensures any released melt water from the flake ice is absorbed. This application is often combined with the purchase of an EPS box. The combination of the fish mat and EPS boxes is also authorised for use by various different airlines. We can also supply special mats which release CO2 to preserve the fish. We recommend using a gel pack for smoked fish, for which you would use another absorption application.
  • Food industry: absorption mats are often used to absorb any moisture during the transport or preparation of food. In addition, De Ridder Packaging’s absorption materials are used to absorb any condensation. There are all manner of different applications for this. One example is the pizza box, which has absorption material on the inside against condensation, making sure the pizza stays crispier for longer.
  • Agricultural industry: We supply the agricultural sector with complete mats to protect the potatoes, vegetables and fruit against condensation. This is important for the prevention of food spoilage. Agricultural products during transport, for example in containers, can be protected against damage which can be caused by condensation. The absorption materials are also supplied on rolls for the agricultural sector.
  • Flower industry: We supply mats to prevent Botrytis spores, which can cause annoying moulds, for the transport of flowers and fruit. This ensures the flowers will remain of better quality.

We help our customers with specific absorption solutions, including moisture problems with thawing refrigerators, bilge water or pallet sheets. We can tackle these problems with specific absorption mats and other solutions.

Do you have a specific question? We would gladly discuss the possibilities with you. De Ridder Packaging supplies mats in various different absorption capacities, with tailor-made dimensions and in a variety of colours.