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The fruit and vegetable sector is familiar with claims for rejected products that do not arrive at the customer in the desired quality. Claims that sometimes contain as much as 20%-30% of the value of the product to be exported.

The impact of delays, temperature changes and (air) pressure on fruit and vegetable products is enormous. Soft fruit is a very sensitive product which quickly “breaks down” during a long flight when conditions are not optimal.

  • Maintains the desired quality level
  • Temperature maintenance for long distances
  • Prevent damage to soft fruit
  • Failure rate is reduced by 20-30%
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By using pallet covers (available in various sizes) and sufficient refrigerated packs/gel packs, the temperature of the product on the pallet is kept stable and cold, while keeping away the impact of a warmer outside temperature from the product. Research with temperature loggers has shown that the temperature is kept stable for a period of 48 hours.

When a pallet is wrapped with extra strands of gel, a refrigerator is built around the product, as it were, so that the product failure is smaller and claims are lower.

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