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Chilled and conditioned transport of goods can be a challenge. Are you looking for solutions for your transport issue? Find out in this Whitepaper what the possibilities are for your industry.

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Find out more about…

  • Solutions to common transportation problems for your industry
  • Which cooling products are suitable for your transport situation
  • How De Ridder Packaging guarantees quality

Whitepaper Meat | Transporting fresh meat: don’t give harmful bacteria a chance

In the Netherlands, we eat an average of 77.8 kg of meat and meat products per person per year (based on carcass weight). Fresh meat has a long way to go before it reaches the consumer. However, when transporting and storing meat, environmental conditions and practices are crucial to maintaining quality. And since eating spoiled meat can be very harmful to your health, it is very important to pay attention to this. This article explains how you can slow down the spoilage of fresh meat as much as possible and what tools you can use to do so.

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Find out more about…

  • The environmental conditions of transporting and storing meat
  • Slowing down the spoilage of meat

Whitepaper Fish | From the port to the customer’s home: this is how you make sure that fish arrives fresh at its destination

Fresh fish is not only delicious, but also very healthy. However, the right transport and storage conditions are very important for preserving the taste and quality of fish. Ideally, fish should be stored and transported at a temperature of 4-7 degrees Celsius and consumed as soon as possible after purchase. How do you best handle the refrigerated transport of fish in different situations? And how do you ensure that the fish tastes just as good when it arrives on the consumer’s plate? You can read all about it in this white paper.

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Find out more about…

  • The right transport and storage conditions for fish
  • External conditions you need to watch out for
  • Appropriate packaging for refrigerated transport of fish

Whitepaper Fruit & Vegetable | Eliminate food waste: minimize wastage during transport and reduce claims

Fresh food is sensitive to external conditions such as too high temperatures, temperature fluctuations, too much light and moisture. Read in this Whitepaper how to avoid waste and loss of quality of Fruit & Vegetables products by storing and transporting them under the right conditions.

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Find out more about…

  • Ideal transport conditions for various Fruit & Vegetable products
  • External conditions you should be wary of
  • Appropriate packaging materials for refrigerated transport of Fruit & Vegetable

Whitepaper Medical | How to ensure that temperature-sensitive medical aids arrive at their destination in optimum condition

Medical aids are of vital importance. They are used by doctors during the diagnosis, treatment and support of an illness or disability, as explained by the RIVM. So the term ‘medical aids’ covers a lot. Some medical aids, such as human tissues and blood, have to be kept and transported cool or frozen. This way harmful bacteria don’t get a chance and the aids remain usable as long as possible. The essential quality then remains guaranteed. What do you need to take into account when transporting these resources? You can read more about this in this white paper.

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Find out more about…

  • Transporting medical aids in a frozen or refrigerated state
  • Ensuring the quality of medical aids

Whitepaper Pharmacy | Maintain quality: transport your medication under the right conditions

Incorrect transport and storage conditions of medication can cause the quality of medication to deteriorate. That is why the GDP guidelines have been drawn up. Read in this Whitepaper everything you need to know about medicine transport.

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Find out more about…

  • Exactly what the GDP guidelines mean and how you comply with them
  • Under which conditions quality of medication can be guaranteed during transport
  • Which packagings are suitable for transportation of medicines

Whitepaper Flowers | Innovative insights: how to transport your cut flowers worldwide without loss of quality

New research takes a refreshing look at the optimal transport conditions of cut flowers. A product of which we as the Netherlands are a leading exporter. Read in this Whitepaper which transport options are suitable for your cut flower transport.

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Find out more about…

  • What developments are taking place in the cut flower market on a global level?
  • In which ways cut flowers are usually transported (dry versus in water)
  • Which transport method is best suited for transport using different vehicles with different transport times?
  • The appropriate tools for transporting your cut flowers

Brochure Gel Packs | Which gel pack do you need?

Gel packs are leakproof polypropylene bags filled with a cooling gel. They lend themselves perfectly to keep goods chilled or frozen during transport. Read in this brochure which different types of gel packs we offer, and when you choose which type. Feel free to contact us for questions or personal advice.

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Find out more about…

  • The different types of gel packs
  • Available standard sizes
  • Customization possibilities and personalized printing
  • Solutions suitable for your industry
  • Our Traypack gel packs
  • Phase Change Material

Brochure Shape Retaining Cooling Elements | The right shapeshaped cooling elements for your application

Shape Retaining Cooling Elements are generally used for refrigerated and conditioned transports with a return procedure. The cooling elements can be used repeatedly because they are made of a strong material. Read all about the dimensionally stable cooling elements within our product range in this brochure. For questions or advice you can always contact us.

Download brochure Shape Retaining Cooling Elements

Find out more about…

  • The different types of shape retaining cooling elements
  • Available standard sizes
  • Phase Change Material
  • Solutions suitable for your industry

Brochure Insulating packing boxes | Transport your goods refrigerated in well insulating packing boxes

For an optimally cooled transport solution, use not only refrigerants but also well-insulating packaging. In this brochure you can read more about the different packaging boxes that may be of interest to you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Download Brochure Insulating Packaging Boxes

Find out more about…

  • The different kinds of insulating packing boxes
  • Points to consider when making your choice
  • Available standard sizes
  • Custom options
  • Solutions suitable for your industry

Leaflet Absorption Mats

During refrigerated transport, condensation, melting water or moisture is regularly released from the product. For many products, moisture can lead to a decrease in quality. Absorption mats, which capture moisture directly, are then a solution. This leaflet gives you more information about absorption mats, applications, standard sizes and customization possibilities.

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Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions about this product.

Leaflet Dry Ice

For cooling goods below freezing point, dry ice can be a solution. This is an extremely cold product, of no less than -78.5 degrees Celsius. This leaflet gives you more information about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of dry ice, applications and delivery.

Download Leaflet Dry Ice

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions about this product.

Leaflet Ice Packs

Do you want to ship your goods refrigerated, but you have little storage capacity for refrigerants? Then Ice packs can be a solution. This leaflet gives you more information about Ice packs, applications, standard sizes and delivery.

Download Leaflet Ice Packs

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions about this product.

Leaflet Pallet Covers

In relatively long transports where goods can be exposed to extreme external conditions, keeping your goods constantly cool can be quite a challenge. Pallet covers can be a solution. This leaflet gives you more information about the operation of Pallet Covers, applications and standard sizes.

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Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions about this product.

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