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EPP cooling box, 600x400x328 mm

Articlenumber: RPEPPB0615

Very sturdy, insulating packaging box. This EPP cooling box is strong, durable and lightweight and has a capacity of approx. 46 litres. The cooler has a special interior for good hygiene and easy cleaning. In addition, the cooler is resistant to cleaning agents and numerous chemicals. The handles allow you to easily move and stack the box. The box is also equipped with practical sticker fields. It has an insert for cooling elements and slots for compartmentalisation.

Made from 100% EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene), 100% recyclable.

Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 328mm (LxWxH)

With insert: 380mm high

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Excl. BTW: €42,00 p/piece
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Within the world of hospitality and food logistics, the EPP box is a common term. EPP boxes can be used for the delivery of (online) orders or for transporting food. Due to its height, the EPP box can be used to transport packs of milk or bottles of fresh orange juice standing up.

By placing a cooling plate in the lid you can achieve an optimal cooling environment for your product. The EPP boxes are very sturdy and stackable, which makes it easy for transportation. The boxes have handles which makes them easy to lift.

The inside of the box is designed to be easy to clean. In addition, the EPP box can be used in combination with dry ice for shipping frozen products.

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