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A pallet cover is the solution for optimum transport conditions

Maintaining fresh products at the right temperature for an extended period of time can be quite a challenge. This is especially true for relatively long transports where goods are exposed to extreme external conditions. Many fresh products are not only sensitive to light and moisture, but also to high or irregular temperatures. A pallet cover offers the solution for transporting products at a low and constant temperature. This ensures that your products retain their quality during transport.

What is a pallet cover?

A pallet cover is a bag that is slid around a filled pallet. In this way the contents are protected against external temperature influences. The outside of the pallet covers of De Ridder Packaging has a high-quality aluminium coating that reinforces the insulating effect of the pallet cover. In addition, this coating ensures that heat energy and radiation are reflected on the outside. On the inside of the pallet cover the same happens, but with the cold air. In principle, the working of a pallet cover can be compared to a sunshade on a car parked in the burning sun. By using a pallet cover the temperature of your products can be kept at a better level.

The importance of optimal transport conditions

In the world of potatoes, fruits and vegetables, claims for rejected products are not rare. These are the products that do not reach the customer at the desired quality level. This is because these products are sensitive to temperature changes, light and moisture. When the storage and transport conditions are not optimal, the quality of the potatoes, fruits and vegetables can quickly deteriorate, resulting in rejection. This can easily amount to 20-30% of the total harvest. It is therefore very important that the transport conditions for your potatoes, fruits and vegetables are as optimal as possible:

  • Potatoes: After harvesting, potatoes are usually stored immediately in cold stores to bridge the possible time until transport. For potatoes, it is important that they are stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Light stimulates the formation of solale, a natural toxin. This can cause green spots on the potatoes. Transport and storage at the right temperature is therefore crucial for maintaining the quality of the potatoes. Too low a temperature causes a change in taste. Too high a temperature and humidity will cause mould and sprouting. Usually, the optimum storage temperature is around 8 degrees, but this can vary per potato variety.
  • Vegetables: the transport and storage conditions also have a major influence on preserving the quality of vegetables. Think, for example, of vulnerable vegetables such as lettuce. The optimal transport and storage conditions can differ per vegetable type, but all vegetables should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Soft fruit: Because soft fruit is harvested when it is (almost) ripe, it is very vulnerable. It should therefore be stored in a cool place immediately. Moisture can cause mould to form. Therefore soft fruit is packed in cardboard boxes because it absorbs moisture. It should also be transported at a low temperature. The optimum cooling temperature can differ per type of fruit.

Create the optimal transport condition with a pallet sleeve

The quality of fruit and vegetables in particular is best retained when they are transported within a temperature range of 0 to 8 degrees. Stability in the temperature range is therefore very important. Furthermore, the area in which the goods are transported should preferably be dry and dark in order to prevent things such as mould from forming.

Transport with gel packs

Gel packs or gel pack strings are an excellent solution for transporting goods within a temperature range of 0 to 8 degrees. Gel packs are extremely suitable for transporting goods in a refrigerated environment for up to 48 hours (depending on external circumstances). Because they can be discarded after use, gel packs are ideal for refrigerated transport without a return procedure. This is usually the case with fruit and vegetables.

Minimising surface condensation during transport

In order to minimise surface condensation during transport, it is advisable to use the No sweat gel packs. These gel packs are a good option for moisture-sensitive products such as AGF products, because the products themselves remain as dry as possible during transport.

Combining a pallet sleeve with refrigerants

Fruit and vegetables are often transported on Euro or block pallets. In order to realise temperature stability and to keep the goods cool for a longer period of time, coolants can be combined with pallet covers. In this way, a kind of mobile refrigerator is created. In this way, the vulnerable products are protected against external influences during transport.

Applications of pallet covers

Pallet covers can be used both to keep products that need to be shipped cool and to keep products that need to be shipped warm. Pallet covers are made out of one piece. This means that, in the case of refrigerated transport, warm air cannot find its way to the goods being transported. It is wise to also cover the bottom of the pallet properly, so that warm air cannot get to the vulnerable products in any way. In this way, your goods can remain cool for a long time, without having to use electricity during transport. This gives you the flexibility to transport your goods sequentially with different means of transport. For example, pallet covers are frequently used during aeroplane transport.

The pallet covers of De Ridder Packaging

Our pallet covers are made of compact film with a high density. This ensures a higher insulation value of the covers. Because of the proven quality, goods remain at a stable temperature even during long transports and regardless of extreme external circumstances.

Refrigerated plane transport to Shanghai with the pallet sleeves of De Ridder Packaging

A major customer of ours uses the pallet covers for aeroplane transport to Shanghai. The pallets are exposed to strongly varying environmental temperatures. You can think of loading the plane, transferring the pallets to a truck or standing still in the arrival hall. To give a good idea of the importance of pallet covers we monitored the temperature during this transport. The conclusion? The use of a pallet cover makes long transports under a lower and more stable temperature possible.

Pallet cover from De Ridder Packaging

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