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Sustainable refrigerated shipping: this is how you do it

Every day a lot of products are shipped all across the globe. Whether it’s fruit from Spain, fish from the North Sea or flowers from The Netherlands: trade never stops. Many of these products come with instructions for use. Refrigerated transport is a must, where a stable temperature is crucial for quality preservation. Unfortunately, not all insulation options are conscious of the environment. This while sustainability is becoming increasingly important for companies. Fortunately, there is an easy way to ship your products in a sustainable and refrigerated way: the EcoCoolBox. How does this work exactly? And what are the advantages over other shipping methods? Read it in this article and take advantage of it as a company!

The EcoCoolBox: a conscious choice for the environment

A product stands or falls with the material of which it is made. This certainly also applies to transport boxes. As a society we are now aware of the importance of organic materials and recycling. The EcoCoolBox fits in perfectly with this. This box consists of natural materials and is therefore completely renewable. The result: less litter and a more sustainable production process. Win-win!

Sustainable shipping of vegetables, fruit and more

The EcoCoolBox consists mainly of cardboard. It is therefore a biodegradable material. Only clean, recycled cardboard fibers are used for the EcoCoolBox. These are free of mineral oils. These fibers are then packed in a flexible and air-permeable paper packaging. The cardboard fibers are completely safe, as they comply with the European directives for food contact. The EcoCoolBox can therefore be used without any problems for the transport of fruits and vegetables, fish and complete meal packages.

The EcoCoolBox is ideal for sustainable chilled transport of fruit, fish and medicine.

Keep your head cool with high insulation values

The correct cooling of perishable or fragile products is crucial. Especially in summer! Whether it’s food or medicine. Thanks to the high insulation value of the cardboard fibers and the wall thickness of the EcoCoolBox, the packaging is extremely suitable for protecting these vulnerable products. The EcoCoolBox is also extremely suitable for the transport of frozen products. In combination with dry ice, a product can be transported in a frozen state for up to 24 hours.

Less moisture, more quality

Cardboard consists of cellulose. This natural material not only insulates well, it also has moisture-regulating properties. This limits the influence of moisture in the immediate environment. Cellulose therefore offers numerous advantages as an insulating agent. This application of cardboard fibers as insulation material is unique. A European patent has even been obtained for the EcoCoolBox.

The fact that the EcoCoolBox is an innovative insulation box did not go unnoticed. On 12 November 2020 the EcoCoolBox was rewarded with the NL Packaging Award 2020 in the category Webretail. The jury called the EcoCoolBox “A packaging that fits in these times where companies are becoming increasingly sustainable” and a “smart application of mono-material”. The combination of existing materials (such as paper fibres as insulation material) ensures that the packaging can be disposed of in its entirety after use.

The EcoCoolBox figures at a glance:

  • Moisture regulation of at least 8.8%
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0.036 W/(m.k)
  • Specific heat: 2020 J/kg

Case by case refrigerated transport

No product is the same. There are various gel packs that are ideal for refrigerated shipping of goods using the EcoCoolBox. For example, the No sweat gelpack is extremely suitable because it absorbs surface condensation that occurs during transport. In this way, no moisture is released on the inside of the box, and the EcoCoolBox can optimally fulfill its function.

In addition, segmented gel packs can be used for optimal cooling, because they can be made exactly to measure for the EcoCoolBox. It is also possible to print the gel packs according to your wishes, so that you can once again draw attention to your brand or convey an informative message.

De Ridder Packaging: specialist in the field of refrigerated transport

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