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Tempex Boxes: How to use them

Do you need chilled transport for your products? For example, medicines, fruit and vegetables, worms, insects, meat or fish? Tempex boxes are ideal for this. In this article you can read what tempex boxes are and how they can help you with the chilled transport of your products.

What are tempex boxes?

Tempex, also called EPS or Styrofoam, consists of expanded polystyrene. This material is extremely suitable for the chilled transport of products. Tempex boxes are generally perfect for a transport journey of up to 48 hours at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. The exact insulation value is determined, among other things, by the thickness of the box. The thicker the wall of the box, the better it insulates. Furthermore, goods in combination with gel packs can be conditioned even longer.

Advantages of Tempex:

• It has a high insulation value. In this way the products stay cooled for a long time.
• It has a high impact resistance. In this way your products are well protected.
• It is user-friendly and lightweight.
• It is insensitive to UV radiation, moisture and mould.
• It is not harmful to health.

Applications of EPS boxes

Tempex boxes are very versatile. You can use them for the one-time shipment of food, fish, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Pharmaceutical and medical sector

In the medical sector tempex boxes are often used to transport medicines and blood samples. This is usually done in combination with chilled gel packs, cooling elements and absorption mats.


Tempex boxes are also often used to transport fish. When the fish is transported with shrapnel ice, tempex boxes with leakage holes are usually used. This allows melt water to drain away. When the fish is transported by airplane, usually fully sealed tempex boxes are used. Gel packs, pallet covers and absorption mats are often used.

Customised solutions

We also often use tempex boxes as part of a customised solution. No question is too crazy for us. Are you facing a challenge? Then let our specialists advise you.

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